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Monthly Planetary Events 

Stay in tune with the heavens! As devoted astrologers and lovers of the stars, we bring you insights into the planetary events and transits within our celestial dance. We explore the astrological significance, including the yogas per Jyotish and planetary aspects. From lunar cycles to planetary alignments and eclipses, we guide you through the night sky.

May Planetary News

Herukhuti Cycle 

Key Moments in May

  • Jupiter enters Taurus May 1, 2024 
  • Major Plenary conjunctions May 18, 2024
  • Venus enters own house Tarus May 18, 2024
  • Full Moon in Scorpio May23, 2024

Mercury enters Taurus

Naksatra: Krittika

May 31, 2024

Full Moon (Purnima Shukla) in Scorpio 08º43'

Naksatra: Anuradha 

May 23, 2024

Rahu + Mars conjunction in Pieces 19º21' (Angarak Yog) 

Naksatra: Revati

Jupiter + Sun conjunction in Taurus 04º06

Naksatra: Krittika

Venus enters Taurus 

Naksatra: Krittika

May 18, 2024

Sun enters Taurus

Naksatra: Krittika

May 14, 2024

Moon + Jupiter conjunction (Parivartana Yog) and Moon Exalted 

Zodiac Sign: Taurus 

May 8-10 2024

New Moon (Amavasya Krishna) 23º50'

Naksatra: Bharani

Jupiter enters Taurus 

Naksatra: Krittika

May 7 2024

May 1, 2024

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