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Beautiful Darkness: Finding divinity inward

In today's fast-paced world, finding our true selves can often feel like an insurmountable challenge. Bombarded by the pressures of conformity and external validation, it becomes increasingly difficult to cut through the noise and discover our true essence. Yet, our story is one of overcoming these challenges, reconnecting with our inner wisdom, and finding our unique path to healing and self-discovery. Through ancient spiritual sciences and natural healing modalities, we, Saseshmu Ra Herut and Y'Marii Ra Kali, have forged a bond that transcends our vastly different backgrounds. Join us on our incredible journey of self-discovery, spiritual awakening, and personal growth as we reveal how anyone can embrace their true selves and find their place in this challenging yet beautiful world.

The Meeting: United by Music and Knowledge

Our paths crossed through our shared passion for music and our thirst for knowledge, a force that brought us together despite our different backgrounds. Saseshmu, born in a gang-ridden neighborhood in Compton, California, and Y'Marii, raised in an upper middle-class suburb of Columbus, Ohio, found solace in each other's presence. Y'Marii had already embarked on her own spiritual journey, engaging in various practices and self-education, but meeting Saseshmu proved to be a turning point for the better. As we grew closer, our conversations began to delve deeper into our individual spiritual journeys, eventually leading us to share our experiences and knowledge of ancient wisdom, including the teachings of profound leaders such as Ra Un Nefer Amen, Bayyinah Bello, Shekhem Ra, Bobby Hemmitt, and other Guruji in the world of Jyotish astrology and Afrikan spirituality.

The Metu Neter Vol Series: A New Perspective on Life

The Metu Neter volume series by Ra Un Nefer Amen provided a turning point for both of us. This ancient wisdom offered a new lens through which we could view life, transcending the confines of our previously held beliefs. As we delved into the teachings, we connected with an inner wisdom that we had long ignored. This newfound knowledge allowed us to see beyond the limitations of our past and embrace the vast potential within ourselves. The union of our paths also marked a major turning point for Saseshmu, as his life took on new meaning and direction.

Jyotish Astrology: A Scientific Approach to Spiritual Growth

Our encounter with Jyotish astrology via Shekhem Ra and his courses further expanded our understanding of the world and our place in it. Unlike the simplistic Western astrology we were familiar with, Jyotish astrology presented a deeper, more scientific approach to understanding the intricacies of the cosmos and their influence on human life. As we continued the path of spiritual education, we discovered a wealth of knowledge that transformed our perception of the spiritual world and our own potential for growth.

The Birth of Nefer Kali: A Sacred Space for Healing and Growth

As our paths intertwined and our knowledge of ancient sciences and wisdom grew, we were inspired to manifest NeferKali. NeferKali is not just a business, but a sacred space dedicated

to the union of our love, where we give back to the world through Ayurvedic teachings, Jyotish astrology, qigong, and herbal healing therapies.

Our shared passion for healing and personal growth has allowed us to create a sanctuary for others seeking to embark on their own journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening.

Embracing Uniqueness and Inner Wisdom

Our story, that of Saseshmu Ra Herut and Y'Marii Ra Kali, is a powerful reminder that the path to healing, self-discovery, and fulfillment lies within each of us. By embracing our uniqueness and connecting with our inner wisdom, we can overcome the distractions and pressures of modern life and find our place.

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