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Astrological Sun & Moon Influence

AI image of the sun , the moon and a man

As a young student embarking on the path of becoming a Jyotisham under the tutelage of Guruji Sanjay Rath and Guruma Sarbani Rath, I continue to find myself amazed by the intricacies of the ancient science of jyotiṣa. This week I studied the 1st House-5th house and 2nd House- 4th House (we will abbreviate this to 1H-5H and 2H-4H) connections and would like to share some wisdom on this matter.

The Connection Explained

The connection between these houses lies in the dominance of the Sun (Surya) and Moon (Chandra) in one’s life. These celestial bodies, as supreme personalities of God, guide us on our journey to fulfill our destiny. Let’s explore this further.

Key Points:

-The Sun is exalted in Aries (1H) and at home in Leo (5H).

-The Moon is exalted in Taurus (2H) and at home in Cancer (4H).

What we are measuring is the number of Karma carriers (planets) in these houses, which dictates the influence Surya or Chandra may have in a being's chart.

Innerstanding Kālapuruṣa

The concept of Kālapuruṣa, as explained by Guruji, is fundamental in understanding the dynamics of 1H-5H and 2H-4H. It asserts that these houses carry the energies of the Sun and Moon, regardless of their actual placement in the horoscope. This cosmic understanding suggests that forces beyond our conscious comprehension are at play, compelling us towards certain actions and paths in life.

Guruji's analogy of an "order from the Sun" for the directives from 1H-5H is particularly striking. It highlights the commanding nature of the celestial bodies placed in these houses, especially when they are present in both 1H and 5H. The idea that the Sun can "command" and "compel" individuals is a testament to the immense power and influence these celestial bodies hold over our lives. The same can be said with natives with 2H-4H placements resulting in orders from the Moon, which provide emotional stability, nurturing instincts, and a deep connection to home and family.

The distinction between the profound impetus of the soul when celestial bodies are present in 1H and 5H, and the absence of such bodies resulting in impulses corresponding to the ruling lord and aspects, is crucial. It emphasizes the significance of celestial bodies' placements in houses and how they supersede the effects of house lords.

Practical Example

Consider a Taurus Ascendant, where Venus, the planetary lord of Taurus, is traditionally seen as the ruler of the first house. However, Surya (Sun) is the ultimate ruler of this house, regardless of the zodiac sign present. The same principle applies to the fifth house for the Sun and the second and fourth houses for the Moon. Understanding this opens up a whole new dimension in interpreting horoscopes and unraveling the complexities of an individual's life path.

Case Study Example

Jawaharlal Nehru

In class we studied Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru’s Chart. Nehru was an Indian nationalist leader who dedicated his entire life to liberating India from British Colonial rule.

a display of  astrological chart
Jawaharlal Nehru's Astrological Chart

The chart of Nehru, as explained by Guruji and Guruma, further illustrates the intricacies of 1H-5H and 2H-4H. The presence of Saturn, Venus, and Mercury in these houses sheds light on Nehru's inclinations towards democratic ideals, nationalism, and his participation in the Fabian Society. The Moon in his lagna signifies his deep connection to his homeland, under the command of the Sun. Additionally, the celestial bodies in his 2H-4H indicate his passion for science, sophisticated company, and his reluctant pursuit of a legal career, despite his true calling lying in writing and public speaking.

The karakatvas (significations or representations) associated with each celestial body provide a wealth of information and insights into their specific roles and influences. From the leadership and authority of the Sun to the luxury and relationships governed by Venus, these karakatvas offer a full understanding of the various aspects of life that are impacted by the celestial bodies.

As I learn more from Guruji and Guruma, I feel deeply grateful and amazed by their wisdom and knowledge. The study of 1H-5H and 2H-4H has opened my eyes to the profound depths of jyotiṣan and the intricate interplay between the celestial bodies and our lives. It is a journey of discovery, unraveling the mysteries of the cosmos and our own existence.


The wisdom of Jyotish is as vast as the ocean with seemingly no bottom. Here is yet another tool to add to our understanding when looking at charts. It becomes evident how the celestial bodies, particularly Surya and Chandra, guide our lives. Understanding the connections between the 1H-5H and 2H-4H through the lens of Kālapuruṣa can reveal profound insights into our soul's journey and destiny. I encourage you to explore your own chart with these concepts in mind. By examining the influence of the Sun and Moon, you may uncover the unique ways in which these celestial forces are shaping your life's path and pushing your soul towards its true purpose. This exploration can open new dimensions in your understanding of yourself and the cosmos, leading to a more enriched and meaningful life.

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