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Cosmic Calendar

Cosmic Portals Unveiled

We, the stargazers, decode celestial whispers and Jyotish wisdom. These dates aren't just events, they're gateways to transformation. Mark them. Watch as your life dances with the cosmos. Each alignment, a chance to sync with the universe's rhythm.

July 5, 2024
New Moon in Gemini (Amavasya Krishna) 20º11'
Naksatra: Punarvasu

July 6, 2024
Venus enters Cancer
Naksatra: Punarvasu

July 16, 2024
Sun enters Cancer 
Naksatra: Punarvasu

July 19, 2024
Mercury enters Leo
Naksatra: Magha

July 21, 2024
Full Moon (Purnima Shukla) in Capricorn 04º56'
Naksatra: U. Shada

July 31, 2024
Venus enters Leo
Naksatra: Magha

Full Moon (Purnima)

Capricorn 04º56'  July 21, 2024 

Sun Zodiac Change

Sun enters Cancer July 16 2024

Retrograde Planets


Planetary Movements in July

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