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The Deeper Innerstandings of Fasting: Ekadashi Deep Dive

As I sit here on my 17th day of a 30 day liquid fast, I cant help but to be deeply grateful for the insights gained in this short yet intense journey. Although I didnt start this fast on Ekadashi, I’ve experienced one and soon two Ekadashi lunar days on this fast and understand the deeper meaning of what Ekadashi really is only helped to propel this fast into divine completeion. Let’s dive into Ekadashi: the 11th Lunar cycle.

Ekadashi, a term that resonates with tranquility and spiritual significance, carries an aura of ancient wisdom and profound practice that permeates the spiritual fabric of higher self. Derived from two Sanskrit words, 'Eka' meaning 'one' and 'dashi' signifying 'ten', Ekadashi points to the 11th lunar day, a time considered sacred and conducive to spiritual progress. However, Ekadashi isn't simply about marking a date on the calendar. It encapsulates a deeper meaning that transcends its literal translation and plunges into a profound spiritual concept. This divine day serves as a spiritual gateway, enabling us to connect with our 11 senses and direct them towards the service of Lord Krishna. It stands as a potent testament to the concept of sacrifice, to surrender personal desires and needs for the greater good, and the profound spiritual elevation that follows.

Ekadashi: Fasting and the Awakening of Senses Fasting during Ekadashi is a cornerstone of this spiritual practice. A unique perspective that Ekadashi imparts is to perceive fasting not just as physical abstinence from food, but as a deeper, spiritual fast. This fasting aims to regulate our 11 senses - the five knowledge acquiring senses, the five working senses, and the mind. The fasting practice creates an environment that enhances the sensitivity of these senses, making us more aware and more in tune with ourselves. When we fast, we consciously redirect the energy usually spent on digestion to the senses and the mind, effectively amplifying our perception and cognition. Consequently, this increased awareness allows us to direct our senses towards a higher purpose - the devotion and service of Lord Krishna. For those unfamiliar with Lord Krishna, innerstand that he is also a reflection of Heru (Horus), the prophet Muhammad, Jesus Christ, etc.

Benefits of Fasting on Ekadashi

  1. Spiritual Progress: Fasting on Ekadashi, combined with prayer and meditation, can aid in focusing our thoughts on divinity and spirituality. This practice often paves the way for spiritual growth and progress.

  2. Cleansing of the Body and Mind: Fasting aids in cleansing the body of toxins, and in the context of Ekadashi, it assists in purifying the mind of impurities as well. It's a day of mental and physical detoxification.

  3. Heightened Awareness: As previously discussed, fasting sharpens our senses and increases our awareness. This heightened sensitivity can help us be more attentive in our devotion to Lord Krishna.

  4. Self-Control and Discipline: Fasting requires willpower, self-control, and discipline. These are qualities that are beneficial not only for our spiritual journey but also for our personal growth.

  5. Reflection and Introspection: Ekadashi offers a much-needed break from our routine lives, providing us an opportunity to reflect on our actions, behaviors, and beliefs. This introspection can lead to personal transformation and spiritual enlightenment.

  6. Enhanced Meditation Experience: The tranquility and clarity that come with fasting can significantly improve meditation experiences. On Ekadashi, the mind is naturally more peaceful, making it easier to meditate and connect with the divine.

The powerful practice of Ekadashi is a symbolic representation of surrendering oneself for a higher cause, a cause that goes beyond the boundaries of our mundane existence. It allows us to explore the profundity of sacrifice, the brilliance of heightened senses, and the bliss of devoting ourselves to Lord Krishna. Observing Ekadashi can be a transformative experience, redefining our understanding of spirituality and self-realization, and shaping us into more conscious, compassionate, and aware beings.

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